Saint Louis Shipping Fiasco

You heard me, a fiasco.

So my team takes our robot to the address given to us. There is indeed a shipping company located there. But they had never heard of FIRST, or this thing about shipping the robots out to the Family Arena (where the stl. regional is held).

Apparently, the company the signed the contract with FIRST is bogus, and they listed the company that we took our robot to as a ‘sister’ company. No one at the place we took our robot had ever heard of the company that signed the contract with FIRST.

Now, what are we supposed to do in this situation? Its around 4:00 on thursday.

Lucky for us, another local team was there. Our moderators persuaded the guys to let us put our crates in their warehouse (they refused to even touch the crates, much less sign for them). Then, our moderator signed that the other team had their robot there before 5, and the other moderator signed that we had ours there before 5.

I’m still not sure what is in store for our bot. I just hope they call us if they plan on hauling our crates out to the street for the trashmen to pick up.

well they are going to have a REAL mess on their hands monday when 60 more crates start showing up at their loading docks, from all the teams that are shipping them by Fedex.

I hope everything goes ok for you.

Edit: my mistake - its listed in St Charles, didnt see St Louis onthe left side

you took it to the Freight Force - jevic Transport place at 9420 Aerospace in St Louis, and they looked at you with blank stares?

I wasn’t there, my team took it (I couldn’t make the meeting in time).

I remember hearing something about the FedEx crates, but I don’t remember what.

The guy wouldn’t touch our crate or sign for it.

We weren’t the first teams to go there, so I gather that the stares weren’t entirely blank.

This shipping mess better be straightened out soon, first GLR now STL. I don’t want my robot in the garbage…

Did your team contact Midwest Conference Service? they are the company that is handling the Drayage at many regionals, and arranging shipping between events.

Please let us know how this all plays out - like I said, trucks full of bots are going to start showing up at these warehouses on monday.

What do you mean, “first GLR…” Did something get messed up with the Great Lakes Regional too?

Do tell…

Joe J.

Looks interesting, just checked my robot tracking info:

Mar 1, 2004
7:28 am

Delivery attempt


Future pickup/delivery requested

7:21 am

Arrived at FedEx Destination Location


Wonder what’s going on…

I see the same thing in the tracking info for our crate. Is it time to panic yet?

We are having the same FedEx description for St. Louis shipping (no delivery/future pick up).

My wife is trying to get some information from MCS with no luck (no answer on phone or email so far).

I wouldn’t say panic yet. But soon…

If anyone actually gets any information, please post it here. I’ll do the same.

Our robot just showed up on the FedEx site as “delivered.” If you shipped via FedEx also, you were probably on the same truck and can now breathe a sign of relief.

Yup, ours has shown as delivered as well…woop.

Ours too.