Saints Robotics FRC 1899 Open Alliance Thread

Why Hello There!

Saint’s Robotics (FRC Team 1899) is thrilled to join the Open Alliance for the 2022 season!

We’re a school based team (Interlake High School) from Bellevue, Washington! We are part of the Pacific Northwest District. With our 90~ members, we are currently restructuring our decision making processes, and refreshing our student’s knowledge to make up for our newly-meetingless summer. More updates on our current status in future posts!

Here’s a bit more about us:

Team History

We were founded in 2005, and have always been with Interlake. For the most part, we worked at our school, but a few years ago we moved into our new workshop: Ivanhoe! We’re extremely thankful for the facilities we have, and our wonderful mentors which have helped us throughout.

Team Structure

Here’s a quick graphic (mildly outdated) detailing our subteams:

The names are quite self-explanatory, but the Competition group is a bit complicated. Right now, it’s not really a bunch of subteams, rather a group of individuals responsible for enforcing or guiding the rest of the team on these respective topics. We also have a new lead - the DEI captain!

As for leadership, we have 2 main divisions.

The administrators [admin] (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Engineering, Director of Communication, and Director of Competitions)

The leadership [leads] (Mechanical Lead, Control Systems Lead, Programming Lead, Business Lead, Imagery Lead, DEI Captain, Safety Captain, and Strategy Lead).

Directors are responsible for representing their leads:
Director of Engineering: Mechanical, Control Systems, Programming
Director of Communication: Business, Imagery
Director of Competition: Safety Captain, Strategy lead, Drive Team Manager

Bellevue Alliance

We are part of the Bellevue Alliance along with other FRC teams from high schools in the Bellevue School District. The purpose of this alliance is to network between teams and share resources to create a safe and fun community that allows every robotics team in Bellevue to grow and strengthen. We have monthly BA meetings where representatives from all the teams meet to discuss FRC things.

During the off-season we meet Mondays and Fridays from 3:45-5:45 (a good time for us after school) with drive practices on Wednesdays (this year) from 5-7pm. Unfortunately we believe we will not be able to meet in the summers because of our school’s policy. In build season we plan to meet almost every day with varying times each day.

Linktree: saints_robotics | Twitter, Instagram, TikTok | Linktree

Btw my name is Anay, I will be acting as an unofficial liaison between my team and the OA! I will be the one mostly posting and answering questions.

Off season post/update soon!

: )


Here are a few more links because I was only allowed to post 2 in a message : )
GitHub: Saints Robotics · GitHub

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We <3 anaaaayyyyyyyy! Looking forward to the awesome season!

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Our team is not meeting over our winter break and will have our first meeting next year on January 6th, the day before kickoff.

For kickoff our team is going to Auburn to watch the game reveal with a few other teams. Afterwards we will go back to our shop for a planning session and we will also have an unofficial team lunch at Mod Pizza!

On another note I am trying to get a good, in depth post about our team’s current position going into build season. I expect that to be posted before kickoff!

hyped to see how the season plays out for y’all

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Hey guys! A sort of promo for the Bellevue Alliance:

We’re a part of the Bellevue Alliance and helped develop the BA playbook on how to start a local alliance and the pros/cons of being a part of one: read more here – Bellevue Alliance Chief Delphi Thread (+ Playbook)

I highly recommend checking this out!


Well we are back at it again with our podcast! If you haven’t seen any of our previous episodes I highly recommend checking those out!

What time is it? PODCAST TIME!!! Our latest podcast is with all the teams in the BA!

Whooooo I finally got this post done!!!

So I am going to split this into 2 parts: Pre Kickoff and Post Kickoff, post-kickoff will be posted in a few days.

The pre kickoff part was completely written and ready before kickoff happened. But the post kickoff part will all be stuff we did/planned in week 1 of build season.

Well here we go!


This will include sections from each subteam on what they have done in offseason as well as a few of their goals for preseason! (note: this was all written before we knew what the game was!)

  1. During the off season, our business subteam’s primary focus was creating a more sustainable subteam structure by recruiting and training new members. We were relatively successful, and were able to grow our subteam and give new members hands on experience with planning outreach events and writing grants. Some notable events that occurred during our off season were SERC, our annual FLL qualifiers and scrimmages, and our Applebee’s fundraiser! SERC (Saints Engineering and Robotics Camp) was our 10th annual summer camp that we host to train young students in basic EV3 Lego Mindstorms technology. It was a great opportunity for our returning members to inspire younger students and create positive role models in STEM for them. This December, we partnered with FIRSTWA to host two FLL qualifiers that are consistently used as models for FLL states by FIRSTWA coordinators. This is our 8th year hosting these FLL qualifiers. We also hosted our FLL scrimmage for the first time post-Covid. This is a mock competition with judging sessions designed to prepare new and returning FLL teams for their upcoming season. Applebee’s is a fundraiser we do every year in which we sell tickets for a fundraising breakfast organized in partnership with a local Applebee’s restaurant and get 50% of the profits.

We also sought to familiarize our new members with all of the awards, and our submissions from previous years, so they can be better equipped to contribute to this year’s submissions.

As we entered build season, our focus is shifting to our impact award submissions (although we’re still going to be hosting some outreach events, like Washington Tech Invitational - an off season FTC competition). Over winter break, we were able to finalize deadlines for different impact award elements and get people assigned to tasks to be completed over break so we were able to begin our 2023 build season on a strong note.

Even amidst all of this, we plan to maintain our outreach program by attending as many STEM nights as possible at local elementary schools in order to better communicate FIRST’s core values and make sure as many students and parents as possible are aware of the opportunities that FIRST can provide! We also plan to stay in touch with our school’s community by attending future assemblies whenever possible.

Our ideal for this build season would be to use it to involve as many non-seniors as possible in our processes. To us, this looks like shifting leadership of specific outreaches to people who don’t have leadership positions within our team to ensure our team is sustainable and is able to thrive for many seasons to come.


Our imagery subteam did a TON of work training new members and other stuffs. Trust me, they did so much work I did not even ask them to write anything for this section lol

Check out the Offseason competition recap video they made!
FRC 1899 Saints Robotics | Rapid React Offseason Recap - YouTube


All new mech members have been safety trained on the necessary tools (bandsaw, drill press, drill, riveter) and have been taught the fundamentals of CAD. They have also split into groups a group focused on CAD and worked on modelling a west coast drive bot in preparation while the build group spent more time apply tools in order to get a desired result. Both groups collaborated on applying their knowledge in order to design and build a mini-bot that taught them about the importance of the design process and the major parts of the robot. In accordance with this they have familiarized themselves with the 2022 bot and understand each of it’s major systems and their applications. This will help prepare them for when these skills are needed on the next bot.

Our primary goal for the season is to have better communication between different subteams and groups. We want to improve on our collaboration and following of our deadlines and other goals in order to have a better team product. An example of these ideas is to have our frame and concept CAD-ed by the Monday meeting enough to allow the building of the frame to begin during the Monday meeting. We will want to communicate our progress with other subteams and if resources allow having a working drive train by the end first week or the following drive practice. We want to have multiple groups working on different parts while also maintain organization and structure that allows for continuity between the two. This could make the build process faster, more efficient and allow for better team involvement in the process.

Control Systems (Electrical or Wiring)

Currently, all of control systems members have been trained on hardware components, wiring practices and battery management. In terms of skills, all our members are ready for build season and also have basic CAD knowledge to collaborate with Mech. We are still waiting on some parts from our electronic suite and may face some issues with getting an e-board swerve base done week 1 worst case. This shouldn’t be a major issue, we have enough spare parts and we can figure out a way to get the swerve base done.

For build season we hope to use on shape CAD to accurately CAD our e-boards and collaborate with Mechanical sub team so that we would be on the same page. We are working on learning how to wire and implement pneumatics so that we have more options for motion, rather than being restricted to motors. Additionally, we have worked together with programming to try new sensors and implement vision processing hardware (camera and raspberry pi). We also have considered using CAN stars instead of daisy chaining for better wire management. As soon as build season starts we will be wiring the swerve base ASAP (if we use swerve) and maybe try a mentor’s idea of allowing the e-board to be detachable. Finally, we are hoping to implement some new parts and hardware we ordered such as the Rev mini power modules and WAGO connectors.

In the future I am going to try not just a giant block of text and more visuals, especially as we start posting about our robot and actual build season


Kickoff Post!!!

So on kickoff day we went to a local kickoff in Auburn, Washington. There we watched the game with many different teams and then split up into breakout rooms with other teams to share our initial game ideas!

Our team at Auburn!

After that we had a wonderful team lunch at MOD Pizza before returning to our shop to start planning our bot and share all of our ideas!

Discussing our ideas!

More to come about our robot soon!

Certainly one of the best things about the PNW region! I really wish we had MOD pizza here in Australia

New post wow!

First I will explain our robot a little bit:

We decided to go with a swerve drive train on day 1 because we have a lot of experience with swerve and it also felt really good for this game with its ability to go into the charge station and move in any direction without being easily pushed. We bought MK4is in November and got them 2 weeks into build season. They are currently fully assembled and ready to be attached to a bellypan.

During the first week of build season we were debating between a “scorpion” arm (based off of our team’s 2011 design called the “Blue Scorpion” or a single arm either on a pivot or not. Here is an internal document that explains both designs and has a few pros and cons for each: Design Summary - Google Docs

Blue Scorpion

We had a really cool design in 2011 that we considered using for this year’s game. It was called the Blue Scorpion and we have both the arm and the controller for it still at our shop. Here is a video of it in action:

Eventually we decided to go with the single elevator arm on a pivot and that is what we are now building!

Current CAD Progress:
It is already a little while into build season so we have some CAD done already:

This is a detailed view at what will be the base of our robot

This is what the arm will probably look like on the bot (CAD still WIP).

Post on what we have done this week soon!


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I know what y’all are thinking: wow another post already!!!

Yes! I know! It is very exciting!

Anyways we have now started work on our chassis and here is the progress we have made so far:

We have these really cool 3D printed protectors for our MK4i’s, here is a closer picture!

We have also CADed our gripper:

And we have made the first version of it!

Today we actually updated it but I did not get a picture of that :stuck_out_tongue:

CS has started work on our e-board now that we have our bellypan. They have made excellent progress on it! (again forgot to take a picture)

Programming has continued work on:

  • Vision - implementing PhotonVision for AprilTags
  • Auton - Using PathPlanner for auton
  • Different subsystems for each part of the robot
  • And heading correction! (Corrects for natural drift in the robot’s movement)
Things we learned
  • One thing we certainly learned was the importance of buying parts on time…

We got most of our essential parts last week and if we had them earlier, we could have finished the bot earlier, giving programming and drive team more practice and testing with the robot.

  • One thing I personally learned for programming is the importance of getting as much as possible done throughout build season even when you do not have the bot.

Even though we do not currently have a bot to test most of our subsystems on, we realized today that if we prepare all the systems and logic early, all we would have to do is tune values once we have the bot and minimize complete rewrites as much as possible while testing. Now with us expected to get the bot in a week, we realize that we need to have much more of the basic functionality done.

If anyone wants the files for the 3D printed swerve protector let me know!


I would love the CAD for that swerve protector

Here is the link to an STL file with the protective cover

We have been busy, post soon : )

But in the meantime here is a video of our first steps!

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