Sale on COTS Intake Rollers

Competition Robot Parts is having a sale! A lot of teams will be needing high quality rollers for intakes this year. Competition Robot Parts provides the lightest and most space efficient COTS solution for drum style rollers.

Get the end caps here (now at a reduced price).

And the round tubing here (also at a reduced price).

Check out our other products here.

Teams who are building climbing mechanisms, remember that these rollers also make really good winch drums.

Team 5413 Stellar Robotics (the team I mentor) used these roller products last year as a winch drum for their fast climber. Here is a video of the climb during a match (blue robot with LEDs, far left side of the screen).

They are tried an true in high-load applications and do not require any screws or welding to keep the drum from slipping on the end caps.

Good luck this season!