Same bore, same stroke, same mounting--is it legal?

There’s been a question on our team, and I figure that some of y’all that are smarter than a whole team put together (you know who you are) can answer this.

Our mentor has a pneumatic cylinder. It has the same bore, stroke, and mounting method as a cylinder allowed on the free cylinder form–but it isn’t a Bimba cylinder.

I say it doesn’t pass the flowchart (from a Bimba/Parker Hannefan distributor), but he says it does (as it’s the same specs).

Your aid in figuring out what they meant is greatly appreciated.

it is clearly indicated in the flowchart that you have to use bimba or parker ONLY cylinders with no exceptions

why is this even a question just follow the manuel

Rule <R90>: There is no limit to the number of solenoid valves, air cylinders, pressure regulators, and connecting fittings you may use on your robot. They must, however, be “off the shelf” pneumatic devices rated by their manufacturers for pressure of at least 125psi. Besides the “free” pneumatic components listed on the Pneumatic Components Order form, you may purchase additional air cylinders or rotary actuators, however, they must be identical to those listed on the Pneumatic Components Order form, and obtained from a Bimba or Parker Hannifan distributor.

Q.E.D. A non-Bimba or Parker piston, no matter how “identical” it may be, is not permitted.