Same weekend registration

I’m sure someone has tried in the past… if you’re currently waitlisted for an event, will the system let you waitlist for another event (tomorrow when unrestricted opens up) on the same weekend? For example, waitlisting for both Northern Lights and Lake Superior.

Wasn’t possible when I tried a few years ago. FIRST HQ said at the time that that was intentional. We had to drop the event we’d gotten into in order to waitlist our preferred event. Everything worked out eventually.

It makes sense, try to avoid having a team fill two spots at the same time, delaying other teams until they drop one of the events… but in this case, with two events happening in the same building, with the same RD managing the waitlist for both, it’d sure be nice :slight_smile:

You can check yourself through the team leader Dashboard even before registration opens up.
It won’t list events that conflict with the events you are already listed/waitlisted for.