Sample Image on the roboRIO cannot be found

We get an error on the FRC DriverStation when we try to enable the robot and the code looks for the image on the roboRIO:

ERROR Unhandled exception java.lang.IndexOutofBoundsException at java.nio.Buffer.checkIndex(, …

called at line NIVision.imaqReadFile(frame, “/home/lvuser/SampleImage/image20.jpg”);

The image is in that path on the roboRIO and we are writing in java any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

As described in the comments of the sample program you need to copy the sample image over via FTP if you want to test using it.

Ruffles I put the images onto the roboRIO over FTP and I double-checked it, the whole problem originates from the code being unable to find it on the roboRIO even though it is there.