San diego and Orlando 2014

My team is wanting to start making arrangements for next year and start getting some quotes so we know how much money we need next year. Because of this we are trying to figure out when both the Orlando regional and the San Diego regional are. We are unsure how to get this information or if we even can. If anyone on here has any info on these two regionals, your help would be greatly appreciated.

If tradition holds, San Diego will be week 2. This is not certain.

Orlando is week 2.

It’s probably nearly a 100% certainty that Orlando and SD will either be the same weekend or back to back.

Something that I think should be noted: the ONLY official, use-for-travel-planning information comes when FIRST releases the official schedule. (Or if someone happens to run across a venue schedule–San Diego’s venue from last year doesn’t show anything beyond next Feb. yet, though I think there is a bunch of stuff on later dates.) Also, I understand San Diego has a nasty habit of filling up very quickly during initial registration–even if it’s back-to-back with Los Angeles or Inland Empire.

Your best bet right now, at least for finances, would be to plan for as far out as your travel folks will let you. Don’t lock anything in yet, but plan anyways–you’ll be able to do some tracking of rates over the summer and lock in quickly once registration opens.

If San Diego is full, and you still want to come to California, the Inland Empire regional is a great alternative and I guarantee it won’t be on the same week as San Diego.