San Diego Battle at the Border Results!

Congratulations to teams 330, 22a, and 1266 for winning San Diego Battle at the Border. You put up a good fight against finalists 980a, 696, and 1527

In the final match, team 1527’s autonomous mode accidentally struck (with much force of impact) alliance partner 696’s robot, causing the right side primary drive chain to break. 696 made it halfway across the field before it could drive no further.

Who knows what the outcome would have been had that chain not broken. Anyway, it just goes to show you how much of a game of luck this really is.

All in all, it was a fun event and everyone should come out and give it a try next year!

hey sanddrag were u at the san diego scrimmage?

Anyways, yeah, the San Diego Scrimmage was great. The play was very aggressive and the lockin that was held the night (and morning until 6 AM) was very successful. I think the majority of peeople did not go to sleep, but the whole event still turned out full of energy.

We hope to see everyone here next year!

If you want to see me there, you need to pick a different weekend. I have a recurring commitment this time of year.

But now that you’ve told us the important results (How 330 did :wink: ) what about everybody else? I have a bunch of teams I keep track of down there and they are just as important as who won! A seeding list would be appreciated.

Before I even opened this thread I guessed that 330 or 980 won…hey look I guessed right! lol Lets see if they can do that at IRI too. :slight_smile:

San diego was fun!
Sanddrag you were right… you guys put up a real big fight for us

As for 980 How do you guys always end up forcing a tie???
Your arm was pretty original also…
I thought it was great…
Are you guys going to use it for IRI?
Or will you go back to the hook?

I have been laughing for the last 5 minutes now. :slight_smile:

Hey, can you get me a list of the teams that were in attendance?