San Diego pics! (Big download!)


There’s some really good ones in here. These are from my little digicam, and some are blurry. (Dark inside, so the camera lengthened the exposure.) There’s ones from the lock in, also.

968 had a great time, and congrats to the victors. If anyone wants a full size picture, send me a PM.


Very cool, wish I could have gone. Looks like it was a lot of fun.


Cool. You should upload a few of them to the gallery. If you need a category made for them, let me know.


Funny that we got this, considering the chain fell off more than 5 times towards the end… :wink:


So I went to check what pics I have thinking I only had a few, and I have more than I thought.

In addition, several people have promised me they’d post their pics of the event.



Please post all San Diego pics in
Picture Galleries
Off Season Events
San Diego Lock-in

I’ll be posting my pics later today (I hope)