San Diego Practice Field/Scrimmage Available?

Aloha kakou!

Like many of you, my team just got the disappointing news that the San Diego regional has been postponed. Unfortunately, our team arrived in the area last night, so now we’re at a bit of a loss.

We do not have any practice facilities on our island and our first opportunity to experience a full field is usually at competition. This year, it seems that my kids will not be able to see their robot perform at its highest possible level. (I hesitate to make too many predictions, but the rate things are going it seems likely that our other regional gets postponed as well.) Realistically, these postponements are effective cancellations for our team given the necessary travel logistics.

With this in mind, I’m wondering if there are any teams in the area that may have a full practice field that we could use, so our kids could see their robot in action. Or, to even push it a little further, would any teams in the area be up for having a scrimmage of sorts? (We can bring Purelle and face masks perhaps?)

I really hate to see the 100’s of hours and late nights my students put their robot only for it to end up a shelf looking pretty. Any opportunity the community could provide to help my students realize the payoff of their hard work and dedication would be appreciated.

Mahalo nui loa! Stay safe and well everyone!


We (2102) have a half field, but other teams in the area have full fields. We would love to play with you guys. We’re trying to plan something for this weekend.

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3647 has a full field sans a generator switch (we were using 3128s pit truss until they had to take it down for competition), although a bit far, 4201 and 3476 in LA both have much more accurate fields.


Cool! It looks like we’ll be flying out tomorrow (hopefully). It’s very last minute, but would you be able to host today?

4201’s school has banned all extracurricular activities for the next month. We will also be contacting teams that were interested about our situation.

Our field will be open today from 2:35pm until however late everyone is willing to stay. See attached for directions. All teams are welcome.

Address: 3710 Del Mar Heights Rd, San Diego, CA 92130

Our practice field is located in the highlighted room (it is an old theater blackbox):

Please DM me for more info and if any other teams are interested.

We’ll also be open at 2pm this Saturday


Thanks very much for the offer…
Sadly the team has split up and have started flying back to Hawaii.
Some are flying today, the rest tomorrow. Robot is banished to CA until Saturday…
Maybe longer… poor thing…

Even if everything gets better and the season resumed we have exhausted our extremely limited budget and would be unable to continue…

If this was decided a day earlier we would of been able to cancel and not fly out there in the first place . MEH

Well, we get to join the undefeated club for once!!! A new FIRST…



scrimmage has been cancelled as the school has unfortunately been shut down


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