San Jose Kickoff

From our very own regional director, Jason Morrella:

Happy New Year FIRST teams,

I hope you had a great holiday and this e-mail finds everyone well, ready, and excited about the start of the 2003 FIRST season. As you know, the kickoff for the 2003 season is this Saturday, Jan 4th.

Here is some specific information for the San Jose Remote kickoff at San Jose State University:

** Check in/registration will take place from 6:00 - 6:30 am. The WRRF (Western Region Robotics Forum) will be providing some coffee and snacks in the morning and will also be hosting the game breakdown & discussion after the live telecast ends.

** Attached is a map for the remote kickoff - the main viewing area/building is colored in light blue, the building where additional team members (explained below) can view the kickoff is colored in red, and the recommended parking garage is colored in yellow.

** The main team contacts/leaders (up to 4 per team - must be at least one adult) can view the kickoff in the Engineering Building Auditorium #189, which will also have part of the field setup for viewing. (building 31 on the map, in blue) We will have regional specific information and announcements, and some videos from 6:30 -7:00 am.

** San Jose State is also opening up TWO additional auditoriums in another building (in red) for additional students to come watch the kickoff live. Your team may have up to 15 members come to view the kickoff in this building. Please reply and let us know how many members from your team will attend.

** The live telecast will be on from 7:00 - approximately 9:30 am (PST). At the conclusion of the live telecast and game descriptions:

  1. the kits can be picked up from the back of the engineering building by the adult team leader (this process will be explained/clarified between 6:30 - 7:00 am once we know the weather and exact logistical issues)
  2. there will be a game discussion/breakdown in the 189 auditorium to discuss the field, the game rules & scoring, the kit, and any other information teams would like to discuss.

You can find general information about the kickoff at the link below:
NASA will also be broadcasting the kickoff on NASA TV, which can be found on some cable providers and via satellite the coordinates are as follows; NTV broadcast on GE-2 - transponder 9C - C-band - located 85 degrees west longitude - frequency is 38880.0 MHz - polarization is vertical and audio is monaural at 6.8 MHz.

Also, now that the season is starting, please remember to remind all of your team members to include your team number in any/all communications - so we can be sure to get any answers or information to your team as soon as possible.

Hard to believe the 2003 season is upon us already. As usual there are sure to be some surprises and interesting twists to the competition this year. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday - enjoy the kickoff and the all the excitement/chaos/challenge which follows. Have a great 2003 season,

Jason Morrella

Hey Everyone,

Just saw Jim Beck earlier this evening, and he handed out a map that point the kickoff to the "Washington Square Hall".  Aparently they had trouble with power in the engineering building, and they are going to host the kickoff in the Washington Square Hall where the Additional viewing area is.  I included an attached map in a post in the last post.   Take a look at the map, where the red build is.  

There should be signs tomorrow pointing people to the right place, but drop by both building just in case you are not sure where the kickoff is. Kit distribution will remain in the engineering building.

See you tomorrow morning!

-Ken L