San Jose Regional

Hey, I know its another week away, but T-190 is heading to San Jose next wednesday and we’re gonna have wednesday night and all day Sunday free, and I’m just wondering what there is to do? Being from the East Coast, its out of our neck of the woods and just looking for some suggestions on some fun things to do…lemme know what you west coasters think.

Go to the tech museum its in san jose. If you don’t mind the 1.5 hour drive to SF you can go there. There is an iMax theater in SJ. There is The Great America amusement park in Santa Clara next city north west from SJ. If you like to go shopping there is plenty of that

SF is only about 45 mins north of here… then there’s Santa Cruz (45-60 mins south). I’m going to be busy during the day on Wednesday, but if you guys (190 or any other team) want to go to dinner we can work something out. Ken Leung is gonna be staying at my place, so I’m sure he’d love to go to dinner w/ people from other teams. PM me, or IM me on AIM if you’d like to hang out while you’re in town. See you all in a week!


I’m not sure if you could do much besides find a good place to eat on Wednesday night, but on Sunday there’s a bunch to do. Paramount’s Great America is pretty close, close enough for you to go there that day (about 10 mins from the airport north along highway 101). For shopping, closest is Valley Fair, if you take 880 south from the airport. Also around that area are a bunch of good restauraunts, if you can tell me where you’ll be staying I can bring up a bunch of close-by places.

Going up to SF might not be as viable, but if you guys can do it, there’s plenty to see up there. (it’s more like an hour, 45 mins gets you to the SF airport)

We’ll see you at the regional then! :cool: