San Jose Scouting online...may help at Nationals

I just put our scouting database from San Jose online. It has info from each qualification match in San Jose, as well as general scouting info and pictures of…um…87% of the robots.

Because we only had one laptop (which we needed for programming), we had to do all the scouting on paper and then enter it into the laptop (running Apache, PHP, and mySQL). I figured out a quick way to do this (think Unix style file permissions), and if you’re interested, email me or PM me and I can send you the full code and/or the paper forms we used.

We’ve never had scouting before, and we weren’t sure how useful it would be. It turned out that it was somewhat useful for strategy…but it saved us when we had to help our alliance captain pick a 3rd robot…if you were in San Jose, you might have seen me bring Drew the laptop (and getting yelled at) during the picking. So I do suggest getting a good scouting system for all the teams that haven’t tried it yet.

And since all the data was entered very quickly, there will be some errors…sorry…I have figured out a better way to do it for next year.

Anyways, check it out. You can see things like average score, precent of matches you hung successfully, percent of matches your auto program worked, etc, etc. You can see it at:

Thanks for making this available. :slight_smile:

I will definitely pass this on to the scouts…very useful indeed. Thanks!

Great job. Thank you.

Amazing that you were able to get it on the web so fast.

I notice that on the team list under “Action”, you can click on “View team page” and it pops up. However on the Match List under “Action”, “View match page” is inactive. Is that going to be a later enhancement?

Yes, if I get time, I’m planning on adding in a feature that will show the scores of matches and what each robot did in each match. Hopefully in the next few days…:slight_smile:

is the link dead for anyone else? or is my computer just being difficult…

The link is dead. My server upgrade seems to have killed it. If I have time I’ll get it back up, but don’t hold your breath…I have a robot to start working on.