Does anyone know if we are allowed to bring this sander to competition? i didn’t really see them mention them in the rules.

Administrative Manual, Section 4.8.7:

4.8.7 Machine Tools at Events
When using tools in the Pit, be sure to use them properly, in a safe and controlled manner. Unsafe operation, especially those that endanger others and your team, will be subject to scrutiny by the event staff and safety reviewers. Their findings may result in team caution or event expulsion.

Please adhere to the following safety rules regarding Pit safety and tool use:

**Tools that throw sparks are prohibited. **
Examples: Electric welders, bench grinders and angle grinders.
**Tools that produce open flames are prohibited. **
Examples: Gas welders and propane/MAPP gas torches.
**Floor standing power tools are prohibited. **
Examples: Full-size drill presses, full-size band saws and full-size table saws.
Grinding or painting in the Pit is prohibited. Designated grinding and painting areas are available to teams.
Brazing/welding is prohibited at the team Pits. Use the machine shop.
Soldering is permitted.
Use electric iron/gun only.
**Small, bench-top machinery, with appropriate guards, is permitted in team Pits. **
We consider ‘small’ machinery as machinery easily lifted by one (1) person
Examples: Small band saws, drill presses, and sanders.
**Small, desktop machining centers are permitted as long as they are reasonably sized. They must be appropriately covered to prevent throwing of chips during operation. **
We consider ‘small’ machining centers to be easily lifted by one (1) person
Example: Desktop CNC mill.

I think you’re OK, but ask your regional director if you want to be sure.

You’ll be making very good friends with the safety advisors if you bring that with you. I cannot fathom why you would need this in your pit. All I can say is I wouldn’t want to be in the pit area next to you. Isn’t there a machine shop available at the event?

A little 1" wide belt sander is one thing and I can understand. I big disc sander is quite another.

If it ss 15Amps sander I will be worried! The starting current may trip the line circuit breaker.

We brought our sander to competition. It is a belt sander and weighs about 35lbs. We used it to shave some bronze bushings down that were the wrong length.