Sandstorm Question


I’ve been a little confused on the pre-loading for sandstorm.

Do you get to put a hatch or cargo on one side or both sides?

I’ve heard different answers and just wanted a clarification. Thanks.




Let’s say this simply.

Each team gets two bays on the CARGO SHIP, based on which station the team is in. You get to choose ONE game piece to put on each individual bay. No matter how you look at it, you get 3 choices:

(1) HATCH PANEL on one, CARGO in the other.
(2) HATCH PANEL on both.
(3) CARGO in both.

If you aren’t present to make the selection, or you choose not to choose (which, as RUSH says, if you choose not to choose then you’ve made a choice) then you get option (3) by default.


“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”

And there are technically 4 options, your (1) really being (left panel, right cargo), and (left cargo, right panel).




You know it’s a good day when there is a RUSH lyric on CD.


Yes, each team gets to place either a hatch panel or cargo on each side of their designated location on the cargo ship. This totals 6 overall for the alliance.