Sandstorm should be lowered for both sides equally


Can I borrow that time traveling device you must have, as NYUT doesn’t start for another six days!


all NY events are the same, i swear! /s

Updated it to the correct one.


You mean the blue alliance that has three people standing around one of their robots, while their curtain is down, one of whom looks like they might be the FTA?

Yes, it’d suck if they couldn’t see what was going on and the other alliance could. But since that’s pretty clearly not the case, I’m not sure what the issue is.

At Orange County last week, the Sandstorms were usually sent down when the MC cleared that side of the field. So Red would be introduced, Red Sandstorm down, Blue introduction, Blue Sandstorm down, check for green field and a locked box, and start the countdown. (Possibly switch Red Sandstorm and Blue intro in that order.)


We can agree to disagree on this topic. I fail to see how these additional examples from today represent a fair and equitable level playing field.


Contact FIRST team support or FiM District management if you’re worried about this issue and would like a change to actually happen. Provide specific examples and have the details for those examples (event, match number, who was effected, etc.) and if it happens at an event you’re competing at, speak to the FTA about it.

I can’t stress enough, changes wont happen without contacting FIRST or FiM directly.