Sarcasm? Not Sarcasm?

Guys- I’ve found a problem with posting on the internet- I’m a pretty sarcastic person and often people misread other people on those forums…

I was thinking we could have some kind of feature or face or something that would indicate sarcasm- Brandon, would that be possible?

i designate sarcasm like this:

[sarcasm] i have a pet monkey [/sarcasm]

i dont know of any faces that could show it. it’s somethign you just have to deal with

I sometimes use this guy :rolleyes:

a bb tag like [sarcasm] This is scarcasm [/sarcasm] or mabey just shorten it to This is sarcasm

But hmmm… what should it look like?

*Originally posted by David Kelly *
**i designate sarcasm like this:

[sarcasm] i have a pet monkey [/sarcasm]

i dont know of any faces that could show it. it’s somethign you just have to deal with **

true, That just got a little old for me…

For example- CD could have a daisy face or something that people could insert in a sentence after their remark- I messed with one of the faces but can’t seem to get it in this post… I’ll figure it out soon

here it is

sarcasm.gif (1.29 KB)

sarcasm.gif (1.29 KB)

I, too, am a very sarcastic person. I always use :stuck_out_tongue: to denote sarcasm. I know it’s not a great fit for that smiley, but I learned it way back in the days of text-based BBS’s and MUDs. All the comments with :stuck_out_tongue: seemed sarcastic, so I associated it with sarcasm. Now it’s second nature for me to use it… sometimes I have to stop myself when I’m writing a paper :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, I also use it for kinda wry humor, like at the end of the previous sentence. In keeping with my test-based upbringing, I prefer smilies in their text form, not this devil’s imagery! clicks “Disables Smilies”

I think [sarcasm] and [/sarcasm] are good enough, along with your personal favorite combination of smiley faces. One or both of those should do the trick.

I doubt it will catch on but my friends and I always thought that about how cool it would be the person who created lol or ttyl or we made up “JBS” for just being sarcastic since we use sarcasm a lot.

I just put sarcastic stuff down and if no one gets it, oh well, at least it was funny to me

Italics shows sarcasm nicely. I, also text-based, like :stuck_out_tongue: and :smiley: for sarcasm.

Try to keep all the sarcasm in the rumor mill forum…

If you absolutely have to use sarcasm in the main forum… Make sure you use the [sarcasm], or say “just kidding!”.

Its not a matter of style, but a responsibility of yours to make sure no one misunderstood what you say in the main forum.

Its not so cool when someone tells you “oh yeah we aren’t allowed motors this year” and forgot to indicate it was a joke instead of something real, and you go ahead and take all the motors off your robot, and find out at competition that you really are allowed to use motors after all.

Always remember, think twice before you post.

how about a bugged out face trying not to laugh.

when i use it i either look too serious or really funny trying not to laugh.