Saturday Delivery from McMaster-Carr Question

I am about to place an order and was curious if McMaster charges extra for Saturday delivery – does anyone know?

I know FedEx charges extra for it, but I don’t see anything on the McMaster website telling me how much shipping charges are at all and when I select Saturday delivery, that doesn’t change. It’d be nice to have this stuff tomorrow, but we can live without it until Monday if it’s expensive to have it here on the weekend, y’know?

I find it really easy to just give them a call about this sort of stuff. (Thier customer service is great!)

Depending on where you live, it’s also possible to pick it up.

UPS doesn’t deliever regularly on Saturday without an extra charge, and I believe that’s the typical MC carrier.


It is very expensive to get Sat. delivery. Often $40 extra. I have paid close to $100 for Sat. delivery.

It can be even more than that if the stuff is heavy and/or bulky.

I have also had times when we pay for the Sat. delivery and end up on the phone trying to find where the parts are – if the dock looks closed, the UPS truck may just pass by without actually reading that note you placed on the door. Even notes in the shipping label have not stopped screw ups.

Unless the place you are shipping to gets usual Sat. deliveries I think you are better off sending it to a residence (even though residences usually get later delivery, the chances for miss delivered goods are lower).

Basicaly, I have never use it unless it’s going to cost the team the entire weekend of build time and/or miss a ship date.

Joe J.

That’s what I imagined, Joe. Thanks.

I’ll order it for Monday – the whole order isn’t for more than $40, so to pay that in shipping would be absurd.