Saturdays are for the Bots - Help us!


This year at the Midwest regional, Ironclad 5847 was fortunate enough to partner with some of our best friends, team 5934 Crowbotics from Dekalb, IL. Against the odds, our alliance made it to finals as the 3rd seed. However, after two hard-fought finals, our alliance did fall to a brilliant 4th seed.

However, as FIRST rules state regarding Championship qualification, both of our teams were lucky enough to Wild Card into the 2019 Detroit Championship. Recently, we learned of their financial burden that might not allow them to compete in Detroit this April. In good FIRST tradition, we want to extend a helping hand to our friends.

Based off of a meme our team adopted for competition, Ironclad 5847 is selling “Saturdays are for the BoTs” shirts through Custom Ink fundraising. These shirts cost $20 a piece (+ a shipping fee) and will help fund Crowbotics trip to champs this April. Custom Ink also accepts direct donations (any amount $1 or more) that will help fund their trip, if t-shirts aren’t quite your thing. This fundraiser runs from now until April 11th, and we’d like to invite the FIRST community to participate in this great opportunity to help another team out.

If you’re interested in purchasing/donating, click here:

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me or post in this thread. Thank you in advance to anyone who supports this cause!