Savage Soccer 2007 (FREE Vex Tournament)

WPI is proud to present our annual Savage Soccer event for high school students, coming this fall!

Savage Soccer was developed as cheap way to introduce new freshmen and sophomores on the team to what FIRST is like in a smaller scale.
Savage Soccer kicks off this year on October 20th, where the competition will be released. Just 4 short weeks later is the competition on November 17th at WPI in Worcester, MA.

This years game will feature autonomous action, coalitions, and much more.
For more information, to read past years game rules, or to register a
team go to Send any questions you may
have to

Registration is open!


I just registered 3 teams. I hope it will be just as much fun as last year. I can’t wait to see what crazy game you guys come up with this year.

The Savage Soccer 2007 game hint has been released!

If you’re in New Worcester, then take a try
at horseshoes, hand grenades and animals that fly.

The Savage Soccer Kickoff webcast is going on right now. The actual competition for this year will be released at 11am today.

Looks like a great game, with lots of different angles to play. A big thanks to the presenters this morning, I learned a lot! Great job by the game design committee. Good luck!

We would come and compete if our Regional Lego Competition wasn’t that day…

AWESOME times today guys…thanks to the judges and alumni for giving us the WOW award, we are really appreciative.

Anyone know if the video they played right before finals/awards is available ? The video of all the stuff taped throughout the day…thanks.

Awesome job guys. We had a lot of fun! :smiley:
Thanks for everything!

Thank you all so much for making this event memorable for all of us here at WPI. I certianly missed a lot of sleep over this event, but in my opinion, it was all worth it. Don’t forget about Savage Soccer North in Pembroke, NH on the 2nd of December (find more info at under the events page).

As far a video, I’m pretty sure we do not have any video of the matches. I will try to obtain a copy of the wrap video and put it up somewhere.

Again, thanks everyone!

Please let me know if you get a copy of that video, thanks!

Just got back from Savage Soccer NORTH a few hours ago, and I know team 125 (aka team 25) had a great time. We just want to thank pembroke academy for hosting and thanks for the help and good work today.