"Save as Draft"?

I was wondering if it would be possible to somehow save drafts of posts or private messages.

Sometimes, when I am at school, I am in the middle of writing one of my long essay posts, and the bell rings! Also, sometimes I am at home and I want to keep working on a post, but I need to go somewhere or get back to doing my homework. Other times I want to think some more about my messages before I actually send them. I usually end up copy/pasting the post and sending it as a PM to myself so that I can work on it later. Same thing for private messages. I am wondering if this happens to other CD addicts such as myself, and if it would be helpful to have some sort of a “Save as Draft” feature, where we could have our own folder of draft messages that we could work on later. I know that this would probably be a big project, but do you think it might be worth it? I would love to see something like this.

Thank you!

– Jaine

We must be on similar wavelengths lately, but I had just recently mentioned the same thing to Brandon in an attempt to brainstorm ways to encourage people to write thought-out posts.
Not only do I run into the same situations that you do where I am in the middle of writing something and I have to run somewhere, but I also find myself rewriting some of my longer posts two or three times because it’s not coming out the way I want it.

So, Brandon - can we get draft saving? (Some days when I suggest stuff I feel like I’m asking Brandon “if the forums can pleeeeeeeeease get a puppy”, like back in the day when I used to ask my parents if we could get another pet). I swear, if we get draft saving I’ll feed it, and walk it, and use it all the time! :slight_smile:

This is pretty… crazy. A friend at school and I were just talking about how we wished the forum had a way to save drafts.

I vote for it, if you’re not too overworked, Brandon. :slight_smile:

There is a ‘Save As Draft’ hack, and it’s being heavily modified right now. They supposedly will have it ready in a day or two. Once it’s released, I’ll install it (and hope it doesnt take too much to keep installed during vBulletin upgrades).

To read about it, go here:

Here are some features:

The Save Draft System does more than just save the message

  1. Save Message
  2. Remembers all form options (icons, subscriptions, disabled this or enabled that)
  3. Allows for saving Attachments
  4. Allows for unlimited (edits) before posting or sending message
  5. Remembers (topic, post, forum you are replying to)
  6. UserCP, folder views (lists messages with easy controls to manage all drafts)

For now, you can save your PMs by sending them to yourself…

You can also save your replies and PMs by copying, then pasting them into Notepad and saving them as a *.txt. Then later on when you reply to a thread or a PM you can open the file you saved in Notepad, copy it and paste it into the reply or the PM. :slight_smile: