Save code to Driver Station

We heard somewhere that you could save code onto the driver station so a host computer wouldn’t be needed at competitions. Is this true? If so, how do you save it to the drive station.

You definitely can make code run at boot time. How to do it differs depending on the programming tool. Look for phrases like deployment or deploying code in the tutorials.

Greg McKaskle

What you need to do is open up the “Targets” collapsible in the Project Window (all the files, targets, etc) and right click on it and set it to be the “start up” program.

Team 2502

It’s important to note that you can not save code onto the Driver Station. You can however, update the firmware on the Driver Station. See the Software Update section on the FIRST website for more info.

You can download your own modified code to the cRIO. When downloading code to the cRIO for permanent use, without the need for a laptop to run the executable, the term used is “deploying.”

In WindRiver, you can deploy the code by going to FIRST–>Download. A status bar should display. Once the code is deployed, you must restart the cRIO.

Don’t know if this is what you need, but here’s a problem my team solved today with the help of someone who worked with the controller (or something like, that…)

Anyway, don’t just deploy the VI. That just stores it in your cRIO’s RAM. What you need to do is, in project explorer, click “Build Specifications” at the bottom and then right click FRC Basic Robot Deployment. Next, click “Build”. When that’s done click “Deploy”. Then once that’s done, click “Run as startup”.

After this we had some trouble getting the lights on our Jaguars to stop blinking but we fixed it by unhooking the computer (we were hard-wired in) and flipping the driver station from autonomous to teleop once or twice (that sometimes catches it).

After that we tested it by rebooting and it worked.