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I know this topic is rather random, but I feel needs to be brought up.

Recently, a company called Megabots had to shut down due to a lack of funding. They were forced to put their 2.6 million-dollar giant mech suit, named Eagle Prime, on eBay for an auction starting at just $1.00. No, that is not a typo, they have no choice but to sell their 15 ton, 16 foot tall titan. If it doesn’t get bought, it goes to a scrap yard. My friends and I want to buy Eagle Prime and ship it to Bellevue Washington to maintain the robot, save it from a scrap yard, and prevent it from degrading in storage. The problem is, we don’t have the funding needed to ship it from Oakland CA to Bellevue WA, let alone win the bidding.

We have access to facilities that have machinery to manufacture high quality and precision parts, like those needed to upgrade and maintain Eagle Prime. Ideally, we would make public appearances and release code, CAD and other information about the robot to the public in an effort to continue its legacy. Our goal is not to profit off this robot, we will put what money we get into maintaining and upgrading it.

For more information, read the GoFundMe.

eBay Listing

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It makes me so sad… rip to Megabots
What other Mechs have been built and presented, aside from the two out of Megabots and the one from Suidobashi?

a few I think
videos likely exist on youtube

Isn’t it awkward when the only ones who have posted on here are from 2412.

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