Saving a mirror image of an assembly (Creo 2.0)

Hi everyone,

I originally posted this on the PTC FIRST forum a couple of days ago, but it is still being moderated so I thought I would try here. Thanks if you can help!


We’ve been learning Creo this year and were able to design most of our first FTC robot before building it (hooray!) So, sorry for the newbie questions. :slight_smile:

After getting a lot of the basics down, we are redoing our CAD so we tweak our design using what we’ve learned. So we have a few sub-assemblies built that we are going to use to make the final assembly easier and quicker to put together. The problem is that we are trying to “save a mirror assembly” for a rack-and-pinion lift and we end up with a scrambled assembly with a bunch of warnings.

We found some documentation here for Creo 3 that seems similar, but can’t locate the Creo 2 docs for some reason:

Any hints?:slight_smile:

Thank you!

Without seeing what your model tree looks like, its hard to understand the initial condition of your assembly before the mirror and the results of the mirror. Do you have any screen shots of the before and after? Are any of the parts listed in RED in the model tree? Are any of the components you’re mirroring defined with mechanism constraints?

Thank you, I posted pictures in the PTC forum. Of course, when I went back to take the snapshots it worked almost perfectly even though it failed several times before!:slight_smile: But I have another question about something else that I can’t figure out I posted on there, too.