Saving Camera Footage?

Hello, CD!

Our team is currently using an Axis Camera in order to help our driver pick up totes. We’ve successfully managed to configure it and have the footage play on the Smart Dashboard, but we also want to be able to save its footage so we can go over it later.

Is there any way for us to accomplish this? (We’re using Java to program our bot.)

Have you tried using the record, play, and stop buttons in the bottom right corner of the dashboard?

I know that you can use the start play stop buttons, but do you know if there is a way that you can make it save to a different location?

when we were doing the vision tracking code we paused the frame and right clicked it and pressed save as.

Welp! I’ve been using the java dashboard all season, and thus failed to notice the presence of those three very handy buttons! :V

Thanks much for the help.