Saving image from Axis Camera

Is there a way to save images from the Axis Camera on the robot to the hard drive on the driver station? I’ve been very curious on how to do this, but I can’t seem to figure it out properly :\ Any help would be useful. Thanks!

The default dashboard does this automatically. Look at the Save DB Images vi. I believe the ZomB dashboard can do it also.

Save DB Images vi? whats that? sorry for not knowing :stuck_out_tongue:

The dashboard is open – you can write your own, or change the code to the default one.

The default is written in LabVIEW. If you launch LabVIEW, the Getting Started window has a template for robot and for dashboard. Once a second, the dashboard saves one image to a jpg file. This is primarily for calibration samples. It is pretty each to change how many it keeps and how often it saves.

Greg McKaskle

Indeed it does, the image control (the eye in the toolbox) can save videos, right click it and say start saving, then later right click it and hit stop saving, or you can use triggers: add a Cmd button, select triggers, and guess and check on the control name, the second box should be StartSaving, or StopSaving. Our dashboard had somereally nice videos (more to come soon).
It saves to C:\Program Files\ZomB\data as WebM videos (use ffmpeg or VLC to play/convert (both are installed with ZomB), open command prompt and enter this command to convert: ffmpeg -i “C:\Path\To\Capture.webm” -qscale 10 -an “C:\path o\output.avi”
note the avi can be almost any video format, mp4, wmv, mov, etc…)