Saving robot code to use on another computer

Hey, I was wondering how to save my current code and use it on another computer because I want to give it to our main programmer to use at the event. Thanks for any help.

All of the code in your robot project is contained in a single folder named for the project. That folder is in the LabVIEW Data folder, which is in your Documents folder. Just copy the project folder to the same place on the other programmer’s computer.

And then when you open the copy of the project, right-click the FRC Robot Boot-up Deployment, choose Properties, and make sure the Local Destination Directory matches the user name and folder on the new computer.

Thanks again Alan

Well, follow this order:

  1. Copy any custom VIs you created and transfer them to an easy to find directory. If you didn’t, great! If you did, great! Several teams don’t bother with them because they can’t see all of the code at one time.

  2. Identify where you saved the Robot Project. Copy the ENTIRE FILE, and put it somewhere where you can find it.

  3. Open the project, and direct LV to find any missing VIs. Save it. It should now work just fine.

Option B: Stare at both computers and copy the code object for object.:stuck_out_tongue:

FYI, I would not recommend doing it on the DS, it’s too slow for even processing the Kinect.

Err… let me add to that.

  1. Open your project.
  2. Click on the files tab.
  3. There should be basically two folders that all your files should be in:
    a) Your project folder.
    b) The Program Files folder.
    If you have any of your own files, or files important to the robot code, you will need to move them inside of the project explorer.

You should have something in the end that looks like this:

A couple other ways of doing this. In case the accurate info you’ve already been given wasn’t sufficient.

If you right click on the Project in the Project window, it contains a Save As … menu item. The bottom option seems to do what you want.

Greg McKaskle

You really should be using version control, although since you are using Labview, you won’t be able to effectively merge code if 2+ programmers want to change the code simultaneously. You can use Github to set up an online repository (otherwise it isn’t very difficult to set up a local git or svn server and there are tons of guides to walk you through the process). This is a very robust way of storing and accessing your code and will also let you easily revert back to previous versions.

I know the first year LV shipped without the SCC plugins. They are there now, but at least on my computer, the only tool listed was for perforce. It is also possible to use the tools UI and invoke the LV diff and merge tools.

I’d also encourage you to use SCC or at least good development practices involving backups. LV and other binary documents are not as easy to merge, but are nonetheless important to track.

Greg McKaskle