Saw a handmade segway at Atlanta...

I saw a team with a handmade segway similar to the one me and my dad want to build. But alas we are not programers and they had mentioned a possibility of helping us out in that area. We thought it was team 361 but we might be mistaken as I can’t find that team…
anyone have any idea who they are?

Team 461.

There is a retired Lockheed Martin guy (Vamfun?) who guided Vex hobbyists through creating (especially the (software) attitude control algorithms) a mini-balancing robot similar to a Segway.

Do some searching in the Vex Forum (on the Vex Robotics site, not here on Chief Delphi) and see if you can contact him.

If your search comes up empty, ask me to help you track down the pertinent thread (or maybe scare up a different mentor).


Its team 461
thanks guys!

This wasn’t a FIRST team, but they presented to our conference and it was a great experience for them and some/much of the info is shared.

Greg McKaskle

Haha we had one in Atlanta…then the victors exploded. Hopefully we’ll have it running by MARC/IRI.