Saw Stop

Introducing The Saw Stop: the latest innovation in table saw safety. Oddly enough, companies like DeWalt, Bosch, Black & Decker, and other table say companies have decided to not implement this technology in their saws because they claim it gives operators a “false sense of security.” Seeing the video, I’m not so sure why they think that. What do you guys think?

These are neat, but expensive. Our team recently moved into a school building and are thus required to use a saw stop if we want to use a table saw. We are currently unable to afford one so we have to take any table saw work off campus to a mentor’s house nearby. It is really cool technology and makes one of the most dangerous tools in the shop a little safer. ::safety::

That’s really neat, cool technology.

But I’m not gonna lie, at the beginning I thought the hot dog was some sort of mechanism that caused the saw dropping to happen. Don’t ask why. I have no idea :confused:

Seen the video. It’s a really nifty technology, but the Saw Stop saws are apparently horribly expensive for what they are. It’s entirely possible that the other power tool companies aren’t using this technology because the licensing and production costs would push their prices higher than they could make a return on, so they can’t justify putting it into their products. It doesn’t sound as noble as the false sense of security thing, but it’s probably closer to reality.

Before anyone starts grumping about safety being paramount at any cost, I’d like to point out you can turn THAT argument right back on to the original inventor. Safety’s of paramount importance, so he should give away his license or make it so cheap that companies would be fools to not use it.

“Latest innovation”? Hardly.

To be fair, I took the lead in from my team Facebook page. Tried to make it sound “new” and “edgy.”

I’d like to say that this clip is probably NSFW. A few possibly offensive phrases are used. Watch at home.

once the people who make it are willing to test it with their own hand instead of a hot dog i will buy one.

Fair point. The point was the timing between this post and the clip. The episode aired last night.

I watched it :stuck_out_tongue:

A couple of mentors were talking about this the other day and then I saw Colbert talk about it. I had a mini nerd-gasm at that moment.

Well, I guess we’re just a rather fortunate district. Both the wood shop our old home plus the machine shop at our new facilities have saw stops, but thankfully we have never needed to test them. Although it is neat, it isn’t quite new innovative technology, as it’s been around for quite some time.

You can go buy one now…

This has got to be one of the most exciting inventions in a long time.
From someone who has cut a finger off in a power saw, this is without a doubt worth the money. I’ve played with the saw in the store and it is a Very nice table saw, well worth the money and when I eventually buy a table saw (no place to put it yet) I will without a second thought buy a Saw Stop.

Just had to replace on this Saturday. Not too bad, gave me a chance to clean the table saw while I was at it

Saw Stop? Oh yeah, cRIO was there in 2007 :slight_smile:

Update: It was actually 2005, and I should remember, because I was backstage. Oh, and please, don’t try this at home.

Chris beat me to it, but it was actually demoed at NIWeek 2005.

Greg McKaskle

Oh, our team got one of those this year.

A little tip

Don’t try to cut honeycomb aluminum with one :slight_smile:

We have tripped ours a couple of times over the past 3 years we have had it in our shop. Never on a body-part. The first time I had to replace the cartridge was because of mirrored plastic. Just enouh metal in the paint I suppose. The second time was during a summer break and the maintenance department didn’t know they couldn’t cut metal. The last time was this past Saturday. I didn’t give good enough instructions to our new teacher, he figured the over-ride key was in & he was safe to cut metal. Needless to say it barely even touched the plate before tripping. It actually left a mark in the edge that looks alot like an M. We could actully count the teeth that made contact with the metal. 4. It is a really impressive tool if you can afford one.
(& the replacment cartridges cost about $70 each time you trip the machine)

to go off of driven crazy, there was someone who had hurt their hand on the traditional table saw in the school shop. it’s really good for schools because it takes away some risk of student injury in a shop. Also as far as expense goes… as per the video from time warp: about $60 for a replacement system, or several hundred dollars in medical bills, along with all the other things that come with an open wound injury. I know which i would choose, plus the first thing i’d do when i got one would be to run a hot dog through it.