Say Hello To My Not So Little Friend (3374) Old Faithful

Now I know we are not one of those teams that everyone is watching, but we might just be worth a look. I know that our bot is capable of going the distance, and I hope you guys think the same. Good luck this year, enjoy the video, and see you at nationals.

Impressive robot! Don’t worry about not being one of “those guys,” I have a feeling you will do very well at your regionals. Congrats on a great robot.

Thanks for the reply! It is good to get some nice feed back! :slight_smile:

Wow, very unique arm!

Doesn’t matter if they’re watching now, they’ll have to be watching when you walk off the field with a blue banner.

I love your slam dunk scoring method.

Ha Ha, that is the perfect way to put it :slight_smile:

wow…are you guys a rookie team??? very easy way of scoring on the top rack good job :slight_smile:

nevermind bout the rookie thing i looked it up, its wonderful! great bot

Thanks for the support you guys. This season was hard… really hard. It is really good to hear that people appreciate our work. I hope all our bots get to go head to head someday. :slight_smile:

Or I hope not!

Like I said in my earlier post, you have a great robot there. You will definitely show up some veteran teams!

ya you guys score much easier than us and we’ve been in the game since 1999

Kudos on a great robot! I love your geometry – seems very well suited for scoring in this game. A very simple and effective robot.

Good Luck!


Yea I’ve always loved that scoring motion, reminds me of one of my favorite robots of '07 from team 854.

ya alot actually lol but instead of a ramp its a mini-bot

I love teams that do it with simple, smart geometry rather than complex mechanisms. Nicely done.

That autonomous distance looks short. Make sure you understand where that starts.

Congratulations on a tremendous robot!!
You guys really put it together… great autonomous too!!!
Looking forward to seeing you in St. Louis!!

Gave a great season!!

That looks great.

One word of warning - it appears that the MINIBOT is above the DEPLOYMENT LINE in its stowed position on the HOSTBOT. You cannot break the vertical projection of the BASE in that condition - you will get a RED CARD and the TOWER will be disabled per <G21> and the definition of DEPLOY in 1.6. It’s easy to fix - just have your deployment arm come down before you get above the BASE.

O man that is a great thing to point out, thank you! We thought about that while we were designing it, but forgot to tell our drivers ha ha. We will have to be very careful to remember that during competition.:slight_smile: