Saying hello, this time from the west coast

Hey everyone.

This is Erin (forgot my old password, sorry to have made a double account) formerly of Team #1 and #65.

I have been searching the net like mad the past few days looking for information on the nationals, and thought this would be the best place to get it. I also thought while I was at it I would say hello to a lot of my old friends who I am missing terribly while trying to find my way in the art world.

I left Michigan in 2002 and came to California to study Graphic Design (my old job on the Juggernauts). I have been here for almost 2 years now, and have about a year or so of school left. One of my old team members from 99-01, Mike Vezzetti, came out with me too to study 3-D Animation, a passion he’s had ever since working on the Autodesk award for our old FIRST team. After this, I am not sure if I will return to Michigan, but I do know one thing after being to the regionals out here: I MISS YOU GUYS!!!

So, any details you can give about this years’ nationals would be appreciated, and again, “hello!!”


We miss you too. The last time I saw you, you were leaving IRI in 2001, heading to see the “steer and the stump” in Kokomo.

the Cheesy Poofs (254) won Chairman’s Award

Beatty Hammond (71), Martians (494), and RoboDogs (435) won the Championships

Dave Kelso (131) won Woodie Flowers

FedEx won the Founders Award

We all had a blast in Atlanta.

Come to the IRI on July 9-10, this time it’s in Indianapolis.

Take care,
Andy B.

There’s another Erin???
Oh boy, lets see if FIRST can handle both of us :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope I can meet you soon!!



Oh yes. Our famous Tour De Kokomo that we used to give to out of towners coming to IRI when it was still held in Kokomo.

Yeah, I think I gave her directions…or maybe that was 2000…i dunno…

Heh, Erin knew me before I became the “big star” :stuck_out_tongue: I am today…

To her, I was just “Little D.J.” the 5’2" 90 pound kid :stuck_out_tongue:

where have i been?!!?! aah!! ive missed it all.

for one thing, i cant believe beatty won again. what am i saying…i can believe it! always one of the best teams both in design, teamwork and overall attitude. everything they win they deserve.

for another thing, i visited the LA regionals out here last year (the 2003 game was awesome…along with the uproar at the end of the regionals over who the match winner should have been) and the energy just wasnt the same as the midwest energy. I had a great time, but something was missing that made it different from GLR and WMR and even MMW. there was a lot of great energy in the pits though, and i was really proud to see how many girls were in there hands-on with the bots. definitely some very positive changes since i graduated. nice talking to you 'kats again :wink:

Great Merciful Crap!!! ITS ERIN!!!

Just wanted to say hi, from all of us that used to grace the good old Rambots Chat! Ahhhh those were the good old days…lots of blasts from the past hit me this weekend as I got a little indirect message in my birthday gift from one Anton Abaya among other people! Keep checkin in Erin…always good to hear from the old crew!

-Andy Grady

p.s. DJ…aren’t you still 5’2" and 90lbs??? :smiley:

Oh wow! It’s Erin! Those good old Rambot chats sure were fun. Hope your having fun out West.

I don’t think DJ is 5’2" anymore (he’s taller than me now), but that 90lbs probably hasn’t changed much :wink:

Sniff Dont we miss thoes days? Great to hear from you Erin Good luck in alll of your tidings!