SBC Benchmarks

Does anyone know of a website or other resource that lists various benchmarks and stats for the many single-board computers out there, and allows for sorting & filtering them?

For example, suppose I have a task that requires a lot of linear algebra, and I want to see whether an RPI 3B or a Jetson Nano gives me a better LINPACK score per dollar. Or I know I’ll have a lot of fast float math to do, and I want to see if a ROCKPro64 is better than a Pi at whetstone. Etc.

If no such centralized compendium exists, I’ll work on creating one myself.

Edit: To clarify, I know that all of the individual data I want is out there. I’m curious if there’s a single place you can go to compare many different boards side-by-side.

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I too would love this. I know of some resources, but I don’t think they are to the granularity you seem to want (eg floating point vs integer benchmark).

The most general set is Geekbench. There is Geekbench 4 and 5; they are not the same. 5 was rescaled somehow (have not investigated), so don’t compare the two. The tool is not great, but kind of works.

PassMark also lists ARM CPUs (I discovered this recently). Looks like this is recent, as the listed sample size is small. will compare CPUs. You can actually find a single CPU by listing in the first comparison field (ie you don’t have to actually compare 2). They rank the GPU and use Geekbench numbers for the CPU.
Processor - GadgetVersus

One caveat. A lot of boards/cpus can run at different clock rates. Some of the pages don’t list the clock rate for the benchmark, so …

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