SBPLI Regional

3 more days until the SBPLI Regional…so its time for a thread on it. Any thoughts??


Hello we on Team 88 are on the way cant wait for the REG never been to this one. Hope we all have a great time. It is snowing now but we will make it. We are the TYE – DYE team from MA. till then keep the plows going----------
see ya sooon

            TEAM 88 TJ2 and MOE

we are ready for this regional only 1d 0h 10m until the regional

Team 527, the Plainedge Red Dragons (is that our name?) is looking forward to our third year in the game. See you there!

I never thought that we’d be having this regional with snow on the ground…

How’s 810 going to get a frisbee game going outside the gym now?

Everyone better remember to bring their hacky sacks, that looks like the only thing to do in the downtime, unless we get a nice heatwave in the next day…

Hey, there was snow on the ground in 2001.

i cant wait to see you all there! 1 more day!

You have downtime?
I’ve got a few things you can work on:)

Well, we have in past years, either from too many people in our pit or too burned out to actually think about what to do robotics-wise ;).