SBPLI Thank You Thread

Well, I’ll start this one off.
As a veteran team with an unorthodox strategy, 870’s qualification score and rankings were awful. So awful in fact, that at the end of qualifiers we were ranked dead last at the end of qualifiers at SBPLI. Because of this, a larger than normal thank you is owed to teams 527 and 1796 for picking us and forming the regional champion alliance. All our teams fit so well together, what with your scoring and our defense, and we are so grateful to you and your scouts that you picked us up out of the dumps and gave us entry to the playoffs where our robot finally managed to shine the way we intended it to. We’ll see you guys at St. Louis.

Beyond that initial thank you, we also want to extend thanks to all the teams that helped us by providing mechanical parts, expertise, seats, and support. With luck as bad as ours was in the qualifiers, when we heard other teams cheering for us to start eliminations it really helped to buoy our spirits and get us back on our game.

Thanks are also due to all the volunteers at the regional who were all so supportive and helpful, especially considering the numerous technical problems that were had at the field. Mark McLeod, I’m looking at you.

One final thank you to all the teams’ robots that we might have injured or broken during playoffs, qualifiers, or even in balancing the bridge. We’re sorry! We never intended to hurt you, and we are grateful you all continued to play nice with us all the same. We are looking forward to St. Louis.

In conclusion,
Thanks to anybody I left out. 870 has had a bit of a dry spell in championships recently, and this victory re-affirmed our confidence in ourselves, which is more important than anything else.

As one of the head strategists/team scout/build captain of team 527, I am more than proud to say that it is us who should be thanking you. Without your defense, we would not have been able to perform as well as we all did.

I, and my other strategists were watching you guys and knew that you had the potential to work with us, and look what came of it! From first seat to last place, Its not the place you’re in, its the players that really matter. As soon as we came on top in the first match of the quarter finals after watching your defense, I knew that this was a perfect match and that we were going to go all the way this year.

For me and a few colleagues on the team, one of the most exciting parts of the eliminations was when you guys were able to flip yourselves back over and go back to readily defending, despite us losing the match. You guys also impressed us with your readiness between matches to tighten everything up before every match.

I can speak on behalf of Team 527 and say that Team 1796 and Team 870 we’re one of the best partners we could have asked for, and it makes us feel great to have played a part in your success at SBPLI and your reassured confidence. I knew once we made the picking and saw your team stand up and cheer, that we really helped out a team and truly realized what gracious professionalism is all about :slight_smile:


Team 527

P.S- See you in St. Louis!

Team 358 would like to extend their thanks to all the volunteers and FIRST officials that helped make this event possible, despite the multitude of problems that came to be throughout the weekend (thank goodness for the FTA). We’d also like to congratulate teams 527, 1796 and 870 on their outstanding performance and regional win. Good luck in St. Louis!!

PS: MSG Varsity has some great pictures if you haven’t found them yet (and hopefully videos soon):

First off I would like to congratulate teams 1796, 870 and 527. 1796 was by far one of the best robots at the competition and deserved the Industrial Design Award for their shooter mechanism. Many great robots competed and a big congratulations to everyone for their accomplishments this season. This year was one of the best competitions Ive seen at SBPLI with many great robots, all of which had a chance to go to St. Louis. Once again Congratulations to 1796, 870 and 527 from Team 1468 The JBirds

Apologies for being so late to the party, Championship preparations have been hectic!
On behalf of all of Team 1796, a huge thank you and congrats to our alliance members 527 and 870. You guys were amazing to work with and our robots meshed to form the perfect alliance on the field, each performing their respective jobs to contribute to our success.
527, we’ve loved your spirit team since 2010, so to be able to cheer with you guys side by side for the same alliance… it was pretty special. I really enjoyed how well our teams worked together on the field. Things were always calm and communication was constant. You guys truly are awesome.
870, you guys were probably the best defensive bot at the SBPLI regional, we have no idea how you guys were still on out pick sheet by the time things came back around for the 3rd round.(when you build a defensive robot never let your team get disappointed when they look at the rankings. Scouts are watching!) Your drive team as well were complete yes-men: always willing to make on the fly adjustments.
My favorite moment was probably right after our last match of finals when we all brought it in together and we all anxiously anticipated the final score to go up. This picture pretty much sums it up!

(My least favorite moment was probably our electronics board door laying on the field :yikes: ! Its ok, duct tape worked just as well :cool: )

329, 353, 3137- From the moment i saw your alliance formed I knew you guys would end up in Finals. You guys were great to play against and all 3 matches were extremely competitive.
1468- Congrats on your well deserved Judges Award. Your robot was awesome to watch out there, we look forward to seeing you guys next year.

Overall, thank you to ALL the teams, everyone in the pits were so supportive and friendly and we appreciate that. It’s one of the main reasons we come back every year and love to attend the SBPLI Regional- thanks for making us feel so at home there.

To anyone going to St. Louis- please feel free to stop by our pit if you need anything at all. We’d love to help out any way we can.
527 we expect a visit from you guys or you better expect to see us in your pit! Same goes to you 870!
Best of luck to all LI teams going to St. Louis!

We hope for some fun rematches at the Deer Park Invitational if our schedule works out.