SC FLL State Tournament


Just wanted to give a shout out to everyone who was at the two day South Carolina FLL State Tournament. As a young mentor of Team 530, The Nano Ninjas, I can say that we all had a blast. A big thanks is due to Don Griffith and his army of volunteers (including former tournament director Dr. John Weidner, especially for letting us paint his face and fingernails! - its a long story :] ) for making the event run so smoothly. Congratulations to the teams from Oakview Elementary and Doby’s Mill Elementary for being Saturday’s and Friday’s Champion’s Award winners.

I also want to say how proud I am of my team, runners up in the Champion’s Award category on Saturday and 6th in robot performance. You guys and girls have worked so hard over the past four months from building a robot to hosting a scrimage to lobbying the judges endlessly about giving the mentor award to Mr Sam (yay! he won finally!) Through my three years of FRC and five of FLL I have never seen a team with such postive energy and teamwork. It makes me proud to be part of FLL @ Trident Technical College. I’ll really, really miss you guys next year. Good luck to everyone in 2007-08!