SC Upstate Scrimmage

Team 343 participated in its third annual South Carolina Upstate Scrimmage today, along with teams 281, 415, 507, and 845. It seems as though the obvious barrier between vetern and rookie teams is non existant this year :slight_smile: . Team 845 had an awesome showing, in my opinion, showing great control over one goal and stretegic game play to match. Great job ALL SC upstate teams !! :wink: One last observation- we played over half a dozen mock matches and there were no two alike. This is going to make for some very interesting regionals and nationals this year. Be perpared to have several different game play strategies because the same one never seems to work twice!

Check our website for pictures of all teams in attendance-

What a Great Day!
Right on, Brian. Yes, the Upstate SC Warm-up was exciting and provided a brief preview of what to expect in the competitions this year. Like you, I think that there will be no obvious “Rookie” teams this year. A “sleeper” team could take it all this year.

Glad to hear everything went well! I wish I had known about it before today, since I would have made the drive down to SC for a bit (yes… I know no one here in TN, and it’s beginning to work on my sanity…) :slight_smile:

~ lora