Scale Ferrari EXACT Replica

Everyone definitely needs to take a look at this video. My jaw hit the floor when i first saw this. I have watched it over and over and over and i am still amazed at the craftmanship in which he built this thing, and the music that it makes when the gas pedal is pressed. Definitely worth the time.

Every part on this car is to scale and every part is functional, just as on the original Ferrari 312, including the Flat 12 fuel injected engine, the gearbox, and the gauges.

I wont hold you up any longer, click here to watch the 5 min video.


i dunno bout you, but that link ain’t workin for me

i tried…and its not working for me either

Worked fine for me …

  • Katie

grr…this is y i love macintosh…everything “just works”…grr

it worked, but the quality is awful, man I hate real.

worked fine for me and i have real player you just cant enlarge it.

That was amazing… and 15 years is waaay too much time. I don’t see how that guy has time to do that stuff. But it’s really cool.

WOW. That guy is my hero. . … I suddenly have to steal a Ferrari, don’t know where that came from

Thats intense! I bet he could make alot of money selling thoes little engines.

Incase it isn’t working, right click (or option click for our Mac friends) and the choose Save as or Download to. The open it up in real.

And the quality is crap.

Wow i would go nuts before i could spend 15 years building something like that… 6 weeks for FIRST is enough for me already