Scale Plate Material

Does anyone know what the plates on the scales are made out of? We think it is polycarbonate, but we’re not sure.

You want page 44.

Whew! I was looking at page 5, item 7, which seems to specify this as aluminum 5052 plate. I suppose that the black HDPE is laid over the 5052 aluminum.

Does anyone know where to find this material? It doesn’t appear to be at Lowes or Home Depot.

Have you checked McMaster?

I have checked McMaster, they have the sheets, but in the “smooth” texture (not the “orange peel”, which is what is in the drawing). Thank you for the suggestion!

Last year they used HDPE, with orange peel texture, for the gear slide. I believe it was available at Home Depot in the USA. Never found a source in Canada, with decent availability/price.