Scale Recommendations

We are a second year team, and as of yet we don’t have a scale to weigh our robot or parts. We are looking at buying one (or more) that is sensitive enough to way some smaller components, as well as weigh our entire robot.

do any teams of a recommendation of a scale or combination of scales that work well for this, and information on where to get them?

Thanks for your Help!!

CougarTech 2228

We borrow the wrestling coaches scale from across the hall for weighing the robot. Its a nice digital one that does .1 lb. increments. But nothing beats careful planning and ending up UNDER your planned weight. :smiley:

there is a very similar thread already with some good recommendations

The Beach’Bots weighing team uses an 8 kilogram balance with one gram increments for individual parts. Then they have an Excel spreadsheet do the conversion into pounds. For larger/heavier items, they have a fish scale (50 lb limit with .1 lb increments). When all else fails, there’s the bathroom scale tricks.