Scaling Club

So this is actually rarer than most people thought it would be this season.

Let’s hear/see it which teams out there can scale the tower?

Videos greatly appreciated.

No video, but heres a picture:

It appears that the Scale Club was successfully predicted.
And next up, we’ll have the Challenge Club. :rolleyes:
(Followed by the Robot with Wheels Club, of course)

Lol, it’s okay I just watched you scale in a practice match at RC.

This happens every year. I just want to see all the different methods teams employed for scaling.

Exactly, this is part of the reason I make clubs, I also love having an archive of some of the specialty tasks for each game. It’s so great to be able to go back and see all the different ways teams managed difficult tasks like 30 point climbs and 7 disk autos.

I also find it amusing that every year people make goofy clubs, either because they can’t get into any other club or because they think clubs are stupid and are trying to satirize them.

Not the best picture, but here’s Durabot 17 doing her thing. She’ll be getting plenty of hangtime this weekend in Ventura :rolleyes:

706 is a proud member of the scaling club! Got our time with our competition robot from line up to fully scaled to just over 6 seconds and we haven’t missed an attempted scale on the field yet.

Video of our practice robot…


1114 & 2056


1678 (red robot in the middle of the batter)






#4980 Has been scaling. The team designed off of a large pneumatic cylinder we picked up in our rookie season. After the first year we never thought we would ever need that kind of hardware and here it is in all its glory!

San Diego QF 1-1 (We did two other scales in SD neither counted, one 2 sec early in last qual the other we scaled and then lowered within the 5 second window for some unknown reason in SF) No scales in CV.


Team 2053 at the Pittsburgh Regional in Qualification Match 73 (and a couple others).

We were on the red alliance.


Hopefully going to scale every match on Long Island!

Team 3512 @ Ventura yesterday during practice matches.

We scale every match:


3506 is one of the four climbers in NC. We scale every time we get the first ranking point/25 points.

Almost every match

watch the end of the video