scaling the castle

The rules state that a robot has scaled the tower if it has the lowest portion of it’s bumpers above the low goal at the conclusion of the match. It does not state that it has to remain there for any period of time after the end of the match.

Can anyone confirm that the robots do not need to remain on above the goal after the match for any period of time?


Not sure on the actual rule number just that they have to remain there for enough time for the refs to know for sure that your robot has in fact climbed the tower. I.E. it is clear enough that your robot has indeed gotten its bumbers above the low goal.

The final assessment of ROBOTS having SCALED or CHALLENGED the TOWER is made five (5) seconds
after the ARENA timer displays zero (0), or when all ROBOTS have come to rest following the conclusion
of the MATCH, whichever happens first

so maybe
you also want to make sure your robot will not roll back down the ramp if you are challenging the tower

At the end of 3.3.1 the rulebook says:

While it is not strictly required that the robot stay above the low goals for five seconds after the end of the match, this is probably a good design goal to eliminate any uncertainty in when the refs happen to notice that your robot has come to rest or not.

one could argue it has not come to rest if it is slowly creeping down

5 seconds, or rest, whichever comes first. If you aren’t sure whether you want the refs to make a judgment call, bear in mind that the refs seem to be being instructed NOT to give the teams the benefit of the doubt, and plan accordingly.

There is a little bump at the base of the tower that is there to hopefully stop your robot from falling backwards off of it. On the lines of scaling, i’d make sure that you can actually lift that weight without it snapping, falling down, then you losing your robot, because i’m pretty sure that is going to happen at least once or twice during the games.

If you’re sliding down the tower 5 seconds after the end of the match, but it’s still above the low goal, you’re good.