Scaling the Tower

Just a quick poll if you are going to scale the tower or not.

That’s not a poll. It’s a prediction. The poll should ask whether teams plan to scale the tower, or whether their robots are being designed to scale the tower. Robots not working as designed, and designs that don’t meet the goals of a plan, are common.

That’s the plan, at least!

Quick Question: For those teams who are planning on scaling the tower, are your robot heights taller than the low bar?? I am curious by the amount of teams that are planning on scaling the tower. So I was very curious whether or not they are under the 16 in. (Low Bar) or if they are taller than the Low Bar?:confused: :confused: :confused:

We are a low bot 14" and have a hook that goes the necessary height to hook the bar. Still working on the winch part. Should work.

I answered no, as scaling was the first game task 3946 put on the back burner. If everything works out wonderfully between now and a week after bag, we may attach a climber at Bayou from our withholding allowance.

we have a low bar bot, at 13.5 inches, and it can scale consistently in 2.7 seconds once the hook is on the rung

You guys planning on an awesome reveal video again? :smiley:

We are planning on climbing, along with going over/around B,C,D defenses but NOT the low bar. :smiley: The way our winch setup is situated is too high for us to achieve all the goals.

working on it at the moment! should come out on feb 22nd this year!