Can you rotate your entire robot 90 degrees to scale the tower?
I seem to remember reading something about bumpers needing to be parallel to the ground, but now I cant find it.

I would suggest looking at the rules update as this is clearly answered and it shows scenarios.

The problem is the 15" rule. As amended in the team updates last week, the 15" is measured relative to your frame perimeter, regardless of orientation. So if your robot rotates as it leaves the ground, it’s highly likely that your lifting mechanism will end up more than 15" outside the frame perimeter!

Any extension past the robot’s FRAME PERIMETER must not excced 15", and the tricky thing is that it’s measured relative to the robot’s “normal” configuration, sitting on the ARENA carpet. So if your thingy that pulls up the robot extends more than 15" past the FRAME PERIMETER, then it’s illegal.

See the updated rule G18 for some examples.


You can extend longer during endgame right?

You can extend taller, but not further to the sides. It’s a difficult challenge! It’s like they really want us to work for those extra ten points.

You can extend above the HEIGHT limit. Still can’t extend more than 15" past the frame perimeter though.

Attachment 1 is blue box.

Attachment 2 is blue box.