Scary Awesome Autonomous Modes

There was some pretty cool autonomous modes this year, and even cooler were some of the coordination that teams would develop in their matches from having multiple codes.

I know this is a little late in posting but 33 233 and 1902 had a pretty cool autonomous mode during the finals matches at nationals. I’m not a programming guy so i was in awe of what these 3 teams were able to coordinate.

About 50 points in Autonomous hooah

There has to be other well coordinated “scary awesome” autonomous modes like these, it would be interesting to see or hear about some of the better of the three. I’m not talking about single performance, more of a coordination from the three robots, where they are working in concert with each other.

This is my nomination whats yours?

scary awesome indeed

217 alone was scary awesome. Even with 25 and 195 barreling for it, it scored more balls than most teams could with no defense at all.

Any time more than one of the NiagaraFIRST Triplets played on the same alliance, it was a sight to be seen. I didn’t know 20 balls could go into the goal that quickly and effortlessly…

This happened at the annapolis regional during the playoffs, about 68 points were scored (8 in corner, two robots shooting a total of 20 shots in high goal) but then there was an error with the fields that the robots wouldn’t start in the 2nd period so the field had to be reset.

I didn’t see it myself, but legend has it that at UCF, 233 was tipped at an angle (but not over) from an autonomous hit.

They kept scoring regardless.

I saw this happen to 365 MOE in Atlanta during one of the qualifying matches, it was amazing.

I also remember seeing team 254, 987, and 66 all shoot for the center goal during autonomous in qualifying match # 71 on the Newton field. It was simply amazing. Here is a link to the match: NewtonMatch71

25 and 968 in Newton elims. At LEAST 3 teams in auto I saw them actually jam the goal so full of balls that they were falling out.

Tis unfortunately doesn’t do that match justice–they cut off practically all of the autonomous period.

That was probably our best match of the year–10/10 in the center goal in auton, and a total of 89 points scored by ourselves.

1519 has one of those Autonomous modes that’s amazing.

You can hit them as hard as you want and they’ll just keep scoring.

Wisconsin had many 15+ center goal auto matches, with 111, 1625, 1103, and 494/70 all doing unbeilivible. Wildstang must have had at least 10 restarts throughout the competition. One match between 70 and 111 was restarted three times after auto mode because of full goals. 111 had the best auto I saw all year. Other good ones include 1114 (WOW), 469 (10 in 1 Sec), 703 (Ramp Camped in auto), 1038 (shot 10/10 at every spot) 1272 (D Auto made before every match), 1024 (Tops At Buckeye), and 85 (Very Good). I’m sure there are some bots that I’m missing, but these are the best I can think of.

This match, 25 & 968 at Nats About 4 balls were knocked out of the goal by the un-jammer stick.
Auto mode would usually win or lose a match if you had an amazing auto mode, and it worked you have a really high chance of winning that match. That works in its inverse state aswell.

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That match was Newton QF 4-1. In the video, watch it here, they show a close up of the influx of balls entering the goal - it was truly a sight to see. Some of the balls also began to fall out b/c they began to stack up from the clog. The final score ended up being 146-17 :slight_smile: .

Then in QF 4-2, we ran the same autonomous mode, but this time both 66 and 868 changed theirs to run a defensive autonomous mode.

Autonomous mode played a very large role in Aim High, and I hope that it’s something they keep in next year’s game as well.

awesome doesnt describe that

there would have not been a scary awesome auton mode from 1038 without the 5 or so students and the at least 5 mentors purely working on programming this year (oppose to the 3 students and 1 mentor working on programming last year and no auton at all).

135 had a wicked auton at BMR, wasn’t so good in atlanta early on, but kicked butt by the end of saturday.

at wisconsin us 1625 and wildstang along with 1816(playing d)
us and wildstang shooting high center we made either 18 or 20 like 4 times in a row it was amazing when it counted we ended up with 71 after the bonus

Before 195 and 25 started gunning for us, 1126 and 201 managed to put up a whole lotta balls in Einstein Semifinal 2-1. We were more than half way to 100 by the time auto ended. Once they started playing full-on-defensive autonomous, things weren’t as spectacular, but oh boy did those balls fly. A few even fell out the goal was so jammed. Watch it here

Nice work 1126 and 201, you guys were amazing in both autonomous and human control.

Dan I didn’t realize you put this out there. I just tonight put a similar one.

I saw this happen to 365 MOE in Atlanta during one of the qualifying matches, it was amazing.

I also remember seeing team 254, 987, and 66 all shoot for the center goal during autonomous in qualifying match # 71 on the Newton field. It was simply amazing. Here is a link to the match: NewtonMatch71[/quote]

I saw this post while on vacation, so I uploaded this photo of the incident.

After getting hit, and tipped, TerMOEnator began shooting 5 for 5 in the center goal. It certainly surprised us, and most of the other folks in the stands. One mentor from Team 291 yelled “MOE, what do you have in that thing?” It’s actually a tribute to the quality of our programming team that things like this happen (i.e., autonomous mode is disrupted, but the program compensates and recognizes that the robot is aligned for scoring).

Edit: I should also mention the great sportsmanship shown by the Rambunctions Rams (462) competition team, who immediately backed away after autonomous, rather than risk tipping MOE over.