Scary Bots

Hey people! If you have seen a scary bot or own a scary bot, please post a picture or a video of it here to let other people know! ANY SIGHTING IS IMPORTANT, SO THIS IS A MUST!

Here is one Scary Robot that I saw:

So cool, and yet so terrifying!

To be serious, I want to see some very scary bots, so thanks if you post a picture or video of one.

Note: By scary I mean so awesome that it is scary, not the kind that gives one nightmares.

Credit for photo goes to Team 3937. Photo first posted by Breakaway3937.

See this for the scariest robot I’ve seen so far :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw 469s robot last year. Does that count?

Oh we need a link. Here’s a perfect 90 pt. Auto from last year at MSC:

I think what you mean about this robot is that it is scary awesome! Can’t wait to see it preform at Worlds!

Your statement was worded much better than mine.

Hey now…

The “BOOM” isn’t that bad… As long as you don’t dry fire :eek:

(whacks self in head with giant pneumatic cylinder) Why did I not see that THE CLAW was also a crossbow? Arrrrgh! So confusing!

Team 67’s robot this year is crazy scary.

we have had people tell us our bot looks evil.

Ours isn’t as scary as our name says it should be…

My team had to play against 1114, 2056, and 2337 up at IRI, I mean that was pretty scary.

Our bot doesn’t look scary until it drives. While it may appear ‘tippy’, the CG of our bot is just a few inches above the bumpers.

Our 6 wheel drive (6" diameter by 2" wide wheels with blue nitrile inclined belting) combined with our 2 3CIM ball shifters with ratios of 1:7 and 1:18.75 give us so much torque our robot can pop wheelies :ahh:

Our reveal video:

I did not mean scary as in bad. Just frightening

However, getting hit by the ball would probably literally kill you

Do you want to see something really scary?

Team 195, The CyberKnights, will be competing this weekend at the Southington District event.

Check out how it’s targeting lights illuminate before the shot. Notice how it spins the ball in its grasp as it carries it.

Great driving to elude defense.

This was the only match that they lost all weekend, until the QuarterFinals.
An aberration that should be corrected this weekend.

A unique design that can shoot on the fly. A necessity to make shots in a game that defense is changing.

Massively powerful, and thus, scary. Nice find!

Scary: playing against 107 for three consecutive matches. There was no stopping them at Escanaba.

217 at Centerline had a shooter that shook the entire field when they shot.

Here’s a new scary bot:

Picture posted by Tomker of team 1690.

230’s “hammer bot” is a tad intimidating, to say the least. Their 2 ball autonomous is phenomenal. Props to them for winning the Groton District Event. I’m curious to see how they preform at the Southington District Event this coming weekend.

On Team 16 we thought this robot was scary good as well…