Scary movies

No, not the Scary Movies that make fun of other films, I’m talking actual movies. I’m really into the whole horror concept. If film can get you to wet your pants or project your last meal, it has some value to it. Not hack and slash movies. I mean, I watched Land of the Dead. It was okay. But the gore just kept coming and coming. Eventually, I just got tired of all the blood. I’m talking about movies that just frankly make you wish you had never started the watch them.

I think the most terrifying movie I’ve ever seen is Event Horizon. I dunno. What movies scare you the most?

P.S. I used to be very scared of the movie Labyrinth. I probably mispelled it. You know, the one with David Bowie as the goblin king.

P.P.S. Why do I have a red square under my post number on the right side?

I dont think any accually scary movie has been made since the early days of film.

Today I guess toturing people is scary Cough Saw cough

I was never into Saw… The story line totally blew, and some of the actors couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag. I’ve always been a fan of old Vincent Price stuff. That guy’s just creepy as it is.

You have a red square, A, because EDIT: you’re full of yourself, kid.

When I went to the movie theatre to see darkness fall i would have to say that is when i was at my most scared at a movie point. it was so creepy because the lights are turned down and then the surround sound