Scavenger hunt

Last Weekend, I got about 25 or so friends together for a scavenger hunt that I created. We spent 2.5 hours (between 7:30 and 10:00) on the hunt. It was a lot of fun. I figured I’d post the list and see what some of you thought.

scav.xls (43.5 KB)

scav.xls (43.5 KB)

scavenger hunts are cool!

thats a good list what was the highest score?

204 points won the hunt for one of the teams. Most of the other teams ended up in the 150 - 180 range.

did the winner get 3 times the loser’s score?

For one of my friend’s birthday we had a scavenger hunt all over Colonial Williamsburg in the summer, during tourist season. It was great we all had disposeable cameras and that was our proof. Once we found everything on our list we had to go to the one-hour film developer and then be back at the house. First team to find everything won. There was a person with a cell phone on every team so we could all keep in touch. It was a great time.

At the NY regional, one of my teams alumni made a scavenger hunt for us to do at the regional. It was really fun. We had to run around wearing a shark hat and ask people to “pet sharky” and youd try to get as many people as possible. We had to find someone named fred, and have him sign the paper. We had to get buttons from all the odd numbered teams. We also had to count all the wheels on all the robots at the competition. It was pretty fun.