Schedule for FRC Worlds 2023


Team 9097 MachBusters from Sycamore in Cincinnati won the All Star Rookie Award and we are going to Worlds! Stunning.

I have registered our team for the event and want to register for housing. I do not want to bother anyone on Sunday Morning but hoping someone out there can answer my questions. I cannot find the actual schedule for the event. Trying to book housing. Is the 19th a pack-in day? What are the hours? Will most of the teams come in on the 18th or 19th?




From Event & Houston Info | FIRST Championship


Thank You!

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It looks like there is Inspection on the 1st day so that might be load-in. The 2nd day looks like Practice Matches, 3rd/4th is Quals and last day is playoffs/Einstein’s. It does not give an actual schedule just a brief when we are doing something


You can filter on FIRST Robotics Competition here to get load in, pits open, practice matches, lunch breaks and everything else: 2022 FIRST Championship Schedule | FIRST Championship

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The schedule isn’t in there quite yet, but you’ll want to download the “First Championship” app from Google Play or Apple Store.

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Congrats on the performance at MVR it was awesome to see you guys compete. If you need any help with robot, programing or anything else please let team 3201 know we would be happy to help another local team succeed at worlds.


Assuming they stick with the schedule they’ve used in years past, the FRC schedule would break down as

  • Wednesday (April 19th): Load in, inspection, Drivers/Safety meetings, Practice Matches
  • Thursday: Early field calibration/measurement, followed up a full day of Quals
  • Friday: Full day of quals
  • Saturday: Alliance Selection, Division playoffs + awards, Einstein + Closing Ceremony.

Thank you everyone!


Thank you for the kind words! You guys were awesome!

We are rebuilding our robot as the kids learned so much that they want to integrate some of that knowledge. We are rebuilding the base for SDS MK4 Swereve modules/wheels and a new intake. We may reach out for programming help.



Yes please let us know if you need help with anything. We are gearing up for our last regional next week but would be happy to help how ever we can with programming or even if you need help with machining any thing please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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