I haven’t found any info on the schedule for the Championship on the FIRST website. Can you old Championship veterans give me an idea of the daily schedule and what can you tell us about the Saturday social?


Think of it this way… Championship event is 4 regionals held in the same arena. Thursday is a practice day. Friday and Saturday, you compete in your own division. At the end of the day on Saturday 4 division winners play on a 5th field called “Einstein,” and the winner of Einstein is the winner of the Championship Event. There are also FVC and FLL competition going on at the same time.

The social is a lot of fun, not for food, but for friends. It is a great way to make friends. Also there are fireworks once we are all ready to finish the year off. If you do have the chance, Please go to the social. Your team will enjoy it.

Thanks Arefin
What about uncrating, same basic structure?
Where is the social, will we need our bus to take us there or is it within walking distance? Is there a cost?

I’m pretty sure there is a cost, but I can’t remember it. It is withing walking distance as well (about a block from the pits iirc).
The only real change from a regional is that some awards are usually given during the opening ceremony as well (AVA, AIA, Website, etc.) to shorten the time of the closing ceremony. Awards during the “closing ceremony” are given between the final/semi-final matches on Einstein.

I think the cost was $40 per person? or it might have been $20? I sure can’t remember…but bring some extra money along just in case.

We walked from the event to the social, and back to our hotel, if you are staying near the Olympic park then walking is ok. If you are further away, then it could be an adventure…if you can get the bus to give you a ride, it would be nice.

It’s actually different. They let you in during the evening on Wednesday for about an hour or so.

Doh! I completely forgot about that.

what time?

Do they also do uncrating on Thursday morning like usual?

it’s not actually an hour, from what i heard last year, it started at 4 or 6pm (can’t remember) and ended at 9pm on Wednesday. all the drivers meetings and saftey captions meetings are during that time frame as well if im correct (thats what it said on the schedule last year)

and the price foro the social last year was $35, it comes in the travel package if you do it through TSA and FIRST

I thought the cost of the team social was 100/ person ?? Am I mistaken?

mmm the sounds kinda steep

Does anyone have the agenda from the 2006 competition that we could use for approximations?

I have it, here you go

2006_Championship_Public_Agenda.pdf (397 KB)

2006_Championship_Public_Agenda.pdf (397 KB)

Great, thank you.

I am currently working on our schedule and this is very helpful.

Thank you

about the need of a bus. If you fly into ATL you can take MARTA to the hotel area (if you are using the hotels through FIRST). MARTA is about $2.00 a person per entry. The FIRST Hotels are within walking distance. We are staying at the Hyatt and have a couple of times and it is about a 10 min. walk, it is a great way to wake up and get the day started.

That’s how the early goers from team 612 are getting around.

A select few of us are flying down to Atlanta on Wednesday morning to tour Atlanta and un-crate our robot. Upon arrival at the Atlanta airport, we are planning on using the MARTA system to get to downtown Atlanta and the Georgia Dome. Wherever we can’t go by MARTA, we will take a taxi.

Then when the team joins us in the morning of Thursday, we will have our own Charter Bus to get around in.

As of now, it seems like a great idea. The MARTA system is a lifesaver, as long as you don’t mind walking a bit.