Scheduled Downtime

This site will be undergoing scheduled maintenance tonight (Friday) at Midnight (central timezone, i think…) for up to 2-3 hours. We are getting some additional harddrive storage installed.

I like more storage! :smiley:

(I in now way have any pirated music/videos on my laptop’s harddrive!
Not including my portable hard drive

So what’s eating up all the disk space?

It’s just a small disc to begin with. The operating system and all of our hosted media (CD-Media, firstwiki, team student-designed websites, etc.) are starting to take up space to the point where we’d rather be safe than sorry. I’d like to store more logs, backups, and other things, too, and with the small amount of space we have, it will be tough to.

GAH! 3 hours without CD…ill die! :stuck_out_tongue:

This should be able to handle the expected increase in traffic that we’re expecting after things get rolling with some of the new projects coming up this year.

Database cluster, with 4 web servers.
28 dual core processors.
56 GB RAM.
500some GB of redundant storage.

That is a thing of beauty… drool

i wish my school had that for a regular file server:(…DROOL…:slight_smile:

It looks really nice Brandon. Keep up the good work =]

I think it’s kind of good that you choose to do this tonight, gives me an opportunity to sleep before the ACT tomorrow :ahh:

Don’t drool too much guys, don’t want to cause a short circuit :wink: :rolleyes:

virtual drool wont cause a short…but if it was real it would mess up my brand spankin new alienware laptop…that would be bad:ahh:

Well… How did it go? Working great here :slight_smile:

Look, it’s baby Chief Delphi! :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t notice any differences. Seems to be working just fine.

That server looks amazing. It makes my quad-Xeon 2.8GHz seem puny… :rolleyes: